Home Chess Brutally PUNISH Bishop Pins on Your Knights [9 Aggressive Ideas]

Brutally PUNISH Bishop Pins on Your Knights [9 Aggressive Ideas]

Brutally PUNISH Bishop Pins on Your Knights [9 Aggressive Ideas]


Countering bishop pins in your knights

Some time again, I revealed a video lesson discussing the subject of bishop pins in your knights in chess, which acquired an awesome response with over one million views.

bishop pins on knights

Lots of you had quite a few questions and doubts concerning this topic. In consequence, I’ve determined to create a follow-up video lesson to deal with your considerations and supply further efficient methods to counter such pins in your knights.

9 Aggressive Methods to Punish Bishop Pins on Knights

On this lesson, we’ll discover 9 aggressive methods to counter Bg5/Bg4 pins in your knights, and even implementing simply a few these strategies can considerably improve your profitable share.

Beneath, you will discover the examples proven within the video:

1) Double assault in opposition to the bishop and the king

countering bishop pins on knights

One widespread state of affairs is when Black performs 5…Bb4, pinning your knight and threatening to take your pawn on e4. To counter this, White can play the profitable shot, 6.Qa4+. In case your opponent brings out their bishop earlier than castling, this double assault results in profitable the bishop for nothing on the following transfer.

2) Ignore the pin and execute your attacking plan

Impressed by the good Mikhail Tal, one other method is to disregard the pin and focus in your attacking plan.

countering bishop pins on knights

After Black performed 9…Bg4, as a substitute of worrying in regards to the pin, White can merely citadel 10.0-0. By doing so, White challenges Black to execute the pin whereas White continues creating their items for a future assault.

For instance after Black performed 10…c5, difficult White’s heart, White ignored it and performed 11.Ne4, bringing his items nearer to the opponent’s king in order that he can assault afterward. After 11…cxd4 12.c5 N6d7 13.Nd6+ forcing the Black king to maneuver, dropping its castling rights.

countering bishop pins on knightsTal continued his devastating assault in opposition to the Black king and gained the sport ultimately.

3) Sacrificing your bishop on f7

The third methodology entails a particularly widespread tactical sample which is unquestionably price remembering.

countering bishop pins on knightsIf Black performs 6…Bg4 in related positions (when your opponent hasn’t castled their king but), you possibly can sacrifice your bishop on f7 with 7.Bxf7+ and after 7…Kxf7, you possibly can play 8.Ng5+ (or 8.Ne5+ in some positions) and win the bishop again after 8…Kg8 9.Qxg4.

This sacrifice exposes the Black king, wins a pawn, and creates a profitable place for White. This tactical motif works throughout completely different openings, offering a helpful useful resource for gamers.

4) Utilizing the “Authorized’s Mate” tactical motif

countering bishop pins on knightsOn this case, you can’t play Bxf7+ because the Black bishop stands on h5. Nevertheless, you should use one other tactical motif involving a queen sacrifice for a devastating assault. By enjoying 9.Nxe5 and sacrificing your queen 9…Bxd1, you possibly can expose Black’s weak king after 10 Bxf7+ Ke7 11.Bg5+ Kd6.

countering bishop pins on knightsAnd it is possible for you to to checkmate the Black king after chasing it for a number of extra strikes. For example, 12.Ne4+ Kxe5 13.f4+ Kf5 14.Ng3#.

5) Exploiting the weak squares once they commerce their bishop

If Black trades their bishop to your knight after you play h3, as an example, within the under place after 4.h3 Bxf3 5.Qxf3, it might look like your attacking concepts have been thwarted.

countering bishop pins on knightsNevertheless, this change advantages you in a number of methods. Firstly, the Black bishop that executed the pin is traded off, supplying you with a bonus in exercise. Moreover, your bishop exerts strain on Black’s place, focusing on the weak, gentle squares and providing tactical alternatives.

6) Letting your opponent execute their risk

An unconventional method to countering Bg5 pins is to let your opponent execute their risk. Check out the next place, the place White threatens to play Nd5 on their subsequent transfer, placing extra strain on the pinned knight.

countering bishop pins on knightsAs an alternative of attempting to defend in opposition to the pin, you possibly can citadel 8…O-O 9.Nd5 and slide your king to h8 with 9…Kh8. By doing so, you let your opponent to execute their risk after which flip the tables and put together to launch a counterattack on the open g-file, as an example, after 10.Nxf6 gxf6 11.Bh6 Rg8.

countering bishop pins on knightsThis sudden transfer can catch your opponent off guard.

7) Counter-attack on the queenside

When your opponent pins your knight on the kingside, their queenside is left undefended. Exploit this weak point by launching a counterattack on the queenside.

countering bishop pins on knightsBy focusing on the weak gentle squares and placing strain on Black’s place, you possibly can rapidly flip the tables and achieve a major benefit.

8) Harass that bishop and launch your individual assault

Generally you possibly can counter by harassing the bishop and launching a swift kingside assault.

countering bishop pins on knightsBy enjoying strikes like 6…h6 7.Bh4 g5, you possibly can go all out together with your assault in opposition to that bishop. After 8.Bg3 h5, you create a risk to win that bishop on the following transfer by enjoying h4.

9) Coping with Bg5 pin after castling

This is likely one of the commonest questions I’ve acquired from you. What in case your opponent performs 7.Bg5 pin after you’ve castled your king?

countering bishop pins on knightsAnd while you attempt to chase that bishop with 7…h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Nxg5 hxg5 10.Bxg5.

countering bishop pins on knightsWhereas this may increasingly look scary at first, you possibly can achieve the higher hand if you realize the proper strategy to counterattack. Watch this video lesson to study simply that.


Coping with bishop pins in your knights is usually a essential side of chess technique. By incorporating these 9 aggressive concepts into your sport, you possibly can successfully neutralize the risk and achieve a bonus over your opponent.

Whether or not it’s by means of tactical maneuvers, positional sacrifices, or counterattacks, every method calls for cautious analysis and a deep understanding of the place. Bear in mind to evaluate the particular circumstances, adapt your technique accordingly, and try to maximise your possibilities of success.

With follow and expertise, you’ll develop the talents wanted to brutally punish bishop pins and set up your self as a formidable chess participant! 🙂




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