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3 EASY Keys for No Extra Slicing

3 EASY Keys for No Extra Slicing


Whereas it’s not the bane of each golfer, slicing or ‘massive fades’, definitely taunt the huge majority of golfers on the market. When you decide to the next easy steps that can assist you overcome your nemesis I can assure you’ll not have an issue. Watch this quick video…

The keys are:

  1. Get that membership face as closed as you may probably get for each ‘body’ of your golf swing. That doesn’t imply you want a stronger grip, however I’m certain you want higher wrist circumstances with a purpose to shut that face down for the entire experience.

  2. When you’ve received the face closed, now preserve the physique closed all through the downswing. Really feel like your again is to the goal and it’s going to remain that means for all the downswing.

  3. Glide! Glide on over to the entrance foot with some lateral weight shift. Make a optimistic effort to get your mass over to that entrance foot within the downswing – with out unwinding or opening up.

Understand that these concepts actually are feels that may assist any persistent slicer/fader to beat their typical ball flight. When you battle with this, or maybe know somebody who does (don’t all of us?) then please give these concepts a attempt or share it with a good friend that desperately wants it.

Thanks for studying/watching.



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